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Блог Edustation > Learn English Faster - Easy & Funny Way

Learn English Faster - Easy & Funny Way

Добавлен Tomasz H. 11 февраля 2014 в категории: Английский язык, Общие хаки, Полезные советы

Learn English, be completly surrounded by the language, totally immersed. Try to creat as many as possible situations to have contact with the language. There're some easy and funny ways to improve your language, to learn it faster and also enjoy learning.

Here are some tips how to learn English faster in easy & funny way:

Watch videos, TV clips, movies or soap operas in English

It's a good way to improve your English, both listening and vocabulary. It doesn't even matter if you don't understand something. Just watch and try to understand from the context. Don't focus on grammar or single words. Focus on the phrases!

Listen to music & sing [more: Why music helps with language learning]

Watch clips with lyrics, try to understand the words. Sit down and translate words which you don't understand. Try to sing in English – the song you know or try to build your own lyrics to music loved by you.

Listen to English radio stations

Everywhere it's easy to find English channels (internet, smartphones, etc.). Listen to the radio, you will improve your vocabulary and understanding in such topics as: politics, news, sport, entertainment, science.

English-speaking idol

Do you have English-speaking idol? If yes, try to listening the interviews, read everything about this person in English. Try to find other people from the world who also adore this person, talk with them in English and exchange opinions.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Social media is a conversation. Engage with people who speak English. There're also groups on Facebook, where you can speak English or meet with people in bars, cafes or pubs and speak with them in English.

Make mistakes!

Yes, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. People know that English for you is a foreign language. Stop thinking "What if's...?". To be a better English speaker you need to stop being afraid of making mistakes.

Stop Negative Thinking!

"I will never learn English", "I'm stupid, I always make mistakes" or "I never know what to say" is very bad thinking. What is more – bad thinking makes bad things happen. It's time for really positive thoughts: "English is difficult but I will get it soon", "Step by step and I will be better in talking and writing", "I don't know what to say but I will try to think of how to say it in other words".

Do not translate everything to your language

If you hear something, don't translate it to your native language. Translating everything is slowing progress. You should focus on contextual clues and words you understand. That will help you to figure out what it means.

Never say "I don't speak English"

If you are affraid of speaking English or you don't understand something never say "I don't speak English". Say "Could you repeat, please?", "Could you speak a little slower?", "What does ______ mean?" or rephrase what you heard, ask for more information and try to understand it from the context.

Do you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions? Have you spotted a mistake or you don't agree with something? Leave a comment :-)

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