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Блог Edustation > Job Interview in English - Tips

Job Interview in English - Tips

Добавлен Tomasz H. 17 февраля 2014 в категории:

Below you'll find the most common questions when you have a job interview. They will probably ask you and it's good to be prepared. Also we wrote some answers that you can use. Many interviews are designed not only to check if you're the best fit for the job, but also examine your spoken English. I hope these interview questions will help you prepare to get the job you've dreamed about.


Please, tell me something more about yourself?

You should talk about 2-3 minutes and then ask if they would like to hear something more. Say what you have done, keep using examples to prove your background. Experience is very useful in real-life business situations.

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Комментарии: (1)

Sławek - 17 февраля 2014 г. 21:47:47

Czyżby wzorowane/przepisane niektóre zdania z http://www.gettinenglish.com/angielski-biznesowy/rozmowa-kwalifikacyjna-jezyk-angielski-job-interview/ ? Chyba nie wypada?!

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